“After my first appointment with Cynthia Hewett, I knew that I had found the right acupuncturist for me. I was in the midst of a very difficult time when my own health seemed fragile to a degree to which I was completely unaccustomed, and it became essential to me to be able to place complete trust in those I depended on for my care. That’s what I found in Cynthia. Not only is she remarkably adept at defining and implementing her course of treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine, she also has an amazing gift for making her patients feel at ease. I have continued going to her since then as much for the emotional balance and sheer enjoyment that I find in being able to tap into her warmth, wit and wisdom as I do for the physical balance that her treatments bring to my body.” ~ Karen, New York, New York

“Cynthia offers support for staying healthy naturally, holistically framed within a spirit of love and good humor. I am impressed with her compassion for her patients and her dedication to health and healing. She has been a great help to me personally.” ~ Sharon, Napa, California

“Cynthia is one of the most remarkable healers I’ve ever met. No matter whether I bring her physical or emotional challenges, she always helps me find my own way.” ~ Susan, Somerville, Massachusetts

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